What We Believe- Summary of Posts on BF&M2K

Finally after taking the better half of a year we have managed to work our way through the full of the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.  I think that this is a very important document for anyone who takes pride in being a Southern Baptist to go through, at least on the surface level.  I’ll admit, there are parts that even I read for the first time in preparing this series.

Nonetheless, I have really enjoyed doing this analysis and in particular looking at how the BF&M has evolved over its three incarnations (see a side-by-side comparison here).  To close everything out I have created a tab in the header that lists all of the What We Believe posts along with the texts of the BF&M and various other Baptist confessions for your viewing and/or educational pleasure.  Enjoy and please feel free to raise any further questions as they may come.

BF&M Resources tab

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