Sunday Devotion- A Prayer over Joshua 10.42

And Joshua captured all these kings and their land at one time, because the Lord God of Israel fought for Israel.” -Joshua 10.42

Look how much was accomplished with the Lord fighting for Israel!  How great is his hand and mighty are the victories that he gives to them!  Yet a time will come when God no longer fights for his people but against them, to the point where he calls their enemy, “My servant” (Jeremiah 25.9), as he leads them into exile.

Why did Israel forsake such a blessing as this?  Why did they turn to wickedness instead of following such a great God in devotion and obedience forever?

This is our estate.  This is my sin.  Easily I forsake the victorious Lord for self-defeating masters.

Who he is is clear in my head, but somehow my heart gets clouded.  I chase after worldly gain when all I need to do is call upon the Lord for all my needs.

Like Israel, I know I have victory only with God fighting for me.  But in my sin I carry on without him nonetheless.

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