And in this Corner . . . – MacArthur Throws Heavy Punches at Mark Driscoll

April 17, 2009

The other night my good buddy Keith posted a comment enlightening me to a series of posts which Dr. John MacArthur was starting to deal with his views on Mark Driscoll’s ministry, particularly focusing on  a mysterious sermon Driscoll delivered in Scotland in 2007 over the Song of Solomon.  Well, this series has just concluded and I thought I would post links to all four parts for you guys to read through (1, 2, 3 and 4).

Now, in order to not have PETA coming after me for beating the same old horse, I will refrain from commenting much on this series (though if you are really interested in what I think you can read the comments after MacArthur’s above posts).  I was glad to finally hear from MacArthur himself on what he feels since his silence following a set of 2006 remarks has been particularly bothersome to me.  I will also say, I think a much better job of dealing with this topic was done by Southern seminary president Al Mohler on his radio show back in September.  If you want to listen to that it can be linked through a previous post of mine here.

This debate is far from over.  Driscoll has not yet responded, and I do not know if he will, but with the weight of John macArthur being put behind these words we are sure to see  them quoted over and over again in the fundamentalist literature just like his 2006 remarks.