Much Activity in the Blogosphere- A Smattering of Interesting Posts for Southern Baptists

It looks like things have really hit an exciting time as it pertains to Southern Baptist life.  In the wake of the Driscoll/Chandler Experience a few weeks ago, and the ensuing Baptist Press smear job, many people are abuzz with insights and opinions on the future direction of our convention.  Posts are coming out trying to identify who we are and how we can cooperate between our different ages, tastes, and soteriologies.  As such, I would like to point you guys to a few that I have found most interesting:

  • The blog for Founders Ministries, an organization of dedicated Southern Baptists Calvinists, has an article up focusing on the two prevailing agendas for the future currently being pushed inside the SBC.  One view comes from the Baptist Identity movement seeking to emphasize Baptist distinctives and avoid the diluting of what it means to be a baptistic Christian.  The other view associates with the Great Commission Resurgence striving to build unity among strongly gospel-centered Christians in going out to bring the truth to the nations.  Founders president Tom Ascol offers his take on all this and where he stands on this as things go forward in his post “What will we be in the SBC?”
  • Baptist21 is beginning a new series by guest poster Dr. Steven A McKinion which is going to take a look at the next wave of descendants from the Conservative Resurgence and how they are shaping the future of our convention.  He identifies them as part of the under-40 group and offers up that they “should not [simply] be classified by [how they differ on] clothes or preaching style,” and instead offers a set of distinctives which characterize them and actually connect them more closely with the Conservative Resurgence than their “parent” generation.  This series starts with the post “Third Generation Conservatives in the Southern Baptist Convention, Part 1” and will continue with the second and third parts later this week.

Please, if you are interested in the current happenings of the SBC and what direction this convention is going in the coming years, take the time to read these articles and see how the Spirit moves you on them.  It is my hope that we can see this convention continue on in the blessings that the Lord has so graciously given us thus far, but for that to happen there are many decisions about policy and vision that need to be made, and unless the younger generation wants to be shut out of this process we need to make our voices heard as the future of Southern Baptist thought.

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