Visitors Not Welcome?- Further SBC Divide Over Driscoll Following Propaganda Piece

(UPDATE: I have modified the intro to this post in order not to offend my brothers in Christ. I apologize to anyone who took offense at my initial statements and wish it to be known that my only intention was to seek accountability from certain bloggers, not to personally attack them.)

Last night I was surfing the web (boy, is that phrase out-dated) and came across an article entitled “Poll: Your Thoughts on Baptist Press on Mark Driscoll.” This intrigued me since I had no idea what the Baptist Press had said, so I followed the link to this article. After reading it, I promptly headed back to the first article and checked “Terrible article! What shoddy journalism!” (along with 71% of other voters).

If you took the time to read it (and it’s really not worth the time if you haven’t) what you would find is some hastily put together propaganda piece trying to discredit Driscoll. Nothing new, right. Except this is from the Baptist Press is a news wire service that is supported by the Cooperative Program and is wholly under the purview of the SBC. Yet Driscoll is not a Baptist and this article makes no explicit mention of why they deemed it necessary to cut and paste an article run a few weeks earlier in the New York Times Magazine (remember) along with their own editorial content. This is clearly an opinion piece (since no effort at charity or contacting Driscoll appear to have been made), but the question is, Why did BP see fit to broadcast their opinion on this?

Well, apparently Danny Akin knows why. At least, that is the idea one would get from the article which popped up on Southeastern’s blog Between the Times shortly after BP’s piece, entitled “Mark Driscoll and Southeastern.” It seems that SEBTS took this as a shot at their recent collegiate conference featuring Driscoll, as well as their continuing relationship with his ministry. Timmy Brister also sees this as an attempt at undermining Driscoll’s influence on young SBCer’s by using old data and fear-mongering, and some on his comment board have pointed out the unnecessary reference to Driscoll and MacArthur being Calvinists in the piece.

For what it’s worth, I agree with all of the people saying that BP is pushing an anti-Driscoll, anti-Calvinist agenda here and that the timing is purposely so that it casts a poor light on the recent success of the SEBTS collegiate conference. If all they were doing was rehashing a current event from the NYT then they should have published this a month ago. It is this type of propaganda and judgmental mindset that got me running this whole Visitors Not Welcome? series in the first place. It is also the reason why not too long ago a prominent young SBC pastor told me that he is “ferociously Baptist” and yet chooses to do his church planting outside of the SBC entities.

How many thriving, biblically sound churches must the SBC lose before it stops cannibalizing the next generation?

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