Numbering the Casualities of J316C- Further News from the Trenches

This is just a short post, but I wanted all of you who have been following the aftermath of the John 3.16 Conference and the whole of the Calvinism v. non-Calvinism debate in the SBC with me to see this article posted yesterday by SBC Calvinist Timmy Brister about the pastors who are being ousted from their congregations simply for holding Calvinist viewpoints. It is a sad account of what is truly happening as a result of the things that have recently been said.

As I stated in my comment on the post,

[W]hen [the] words [of the conference presenters] produce these types of actions, even if it was not their stated intent, they should have enough integrity to speak out against it or to have watched how they spoke about it in the first place.

This was my expressed fear when I composed my open letter to Dr. Johnny Hunt and Dr. Jerry Vines prior to the conference, and as Mr. Brister has shown, it is the realized effect of what transpired.  This is unfortunate.

There are some who still holdout getting worked up over this because they think it will all blow over, but to them I would recommend Brister’s words:

Friends, this is why I confront the anti-Calvinism in the SBC. I don’t care about debating Calvinism per say. I don’t care to “Calvinize” the SBC. What I do care about are the men of the cloth called by God and appointed to preach who are being forced out of their churches for the crime of being a Calvinist. Imagine what this does to their families. This is not a game. It’s about biblically faithful, confessionally Baptist, theologically conservative God-honoring preachers getting put out on the streets because of an anti-Calvinist agenda.

This is not a game, and it is not passing fad.  How many pastors and their families should be unnecessarily persecuted (yes, this is a form of persecution) by their Baptist “brothers” before the outrage is not against Unconditional Election but against the Unconditional Hatred that is beginning to surface?

I need to stop before I get angry and fall into sin over this.  Just please, join with me and be in prayer over this controversy and for these men and their families as they try and pick up the pieces and move on.

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