Friends in the Blogosphere- Some Sites to Check Out

Over the past couple of weeks I have found many interesting bloggers out there on the interweb, some of whom have posted links to my site for one reason or another.  So, to show my appreciation for their links and to give the rest of you a glimpse at some of the people that I read when I’m clicking around on my computer, here is a short list of blogs you should check out:

Greg Alford, Southern Grits & Sovereign Grace

Jonathan Ignacio, The Crimson Window

Jonathon Woodyard, Ignite UK Pastors’ Blog

johnMark, Sweet Tea & Theology

Keith Walters, Mission Dei

Kevin Howard, BLOG



4 Responses to “Friends in the Blogosphere- Some Sites to Check Out”

  1. jonathonwoodyard Says:


    You should link SBC Voices. I am linked on their site and they would be willing to look at your site and include you I would say. Check them out here…

  2. Keith Walters Says:

    Thanks for the love. Hopefully I will begin posting regularly once finals are over next week. I have had a lot of posts in the incubator for a while but insufficient time to finish them. We will see what I can squeeze in with winter classes and all :)

  3. Jonathan Ignacio Says:

    Thanks for the plug in and also for posting your thoughts on the recent John 3:16 conference. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day. Great blog you have here by the way….
    Grace and peace,

  4. theophilogue Says:

    Yeah … thanks for your integrity in the copyright infringement accusation thing, and thanks for your hard work in critiquing the conference’s biblical interpretation.

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