The John 3:16 Conference- A Final Note on the Audio Files & an Article by a Calvinist Missionary

As many of you that have been following the fallout of the John 3.16 Conference may be aware, there has been considerable interest and/or controversy surrounding the personal recordings I made of the event. I did, at some point on Wednesday this week, make the decision to post these recordings as audio files for download on my site. Over the next 24 hours several people downloaded them, but a couple of people contacted me questioning whether this was in fact a legal action. Because of this I both temporarily, and then permanently removed the files from my site, in order to seek further counsel on the matter.

After seeking this counsel I am still receiving mixed signals as to the legality of distributing these audio files. Because this appears to be such an area of confusion, and because among some people this has caused mistrust and animosity, I have made the decision to not distribute these audio files any further than they already have been. I make this decision in light of Titus 1.7 call for leaders (and by example all of us) to be above reproach. For any of you who I may have offended by my actions, I apologize, and I pray that you may see my heart has been towards nothing but glorifying God throughout all of this. For those of you still interested in the conference, I encourage you to read the numerous reviews that have been posted thus far on it and, if the desire is great enough, to obtain the CD’s from Jerry Vines Ministries.

Also, just for further consideration, I would like to pass along to you guys an article which was emailed to me about being an “SBC Calvinist & a Missionary.” I believe that the ideas expressed by the author are in perfect parallel to the way I see this issue as well. You can find it at this link. Enjoy!

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