The John 3:16 Conference- Audio Files Update & A Personal Note

This is just to let everyone know that, though I moved to temporarily protect the audio files of the conference while addressing issues of legality, their have been voices making accusations that I was only hiding them under password and secretly distributing this password to amiable parties. I would like to deny that accusation, and as a move of accountability and in the interest of staying above reproach, I have removed said files from my blog.

On a more positive note, I would like to thank all of the people who have come here to interact with this debate and to read my reviews and responses to the presenters at the John 3.16 Conference. I would especially like to thank those fellow bloggers who have directed people here by links on their own blogs or word of mouth on discussion boards and to those who have issued words of encouragement as I have developed these thoughts. It has been my desire all along to provide a reasonable, young Calvinist perspective from within Southern Baptist life to both serve as a voice for the youth among the aged elites of the SBC, and to be an example in the spirit of 1 Timothy 4.12, that those who would criticize the Calvinist resurgence would be aware of the strong biblical commitment being made by those “young, restless, Reformed” among them.  I pray that I have done my best on both fronts and that the words I have spoken here will provide nothing but God-honoring reflection on the road behind us and the road ahead.

Please continue to feel free to interact and engage with myself and the others who are reading this, and watch for my final post on the conference which will be my heart as a young Calvinist in the SBC as to how I should proceed from here.  Thank you.

2 Responses to “The John 3:16 Conference- Audio Files Update & A Personal Note”

  1. John Says:

    I’m one of those who found you based on a link from another blog, although I don’t recall which one. I very much have enjoyed your thoughts and look forward to your final post on the conference.

  2. theophilogue Says:

    Todd … did you see Chris’ crossexamination of your comments on my blog? Just thought you should be aware.


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