Dear Titus, . . . – An In-Depth Look at Paul’s Epistle, Titus 1.2

November 6, 2008

” . . . in hope of eternal life . . . ” (Titus 1.2)

This is not a fingers-crossed hope of uncertainty, but a hope which keeps Paul striving forward to the goal.  This is the same hope which Peter speaks of being regenerated to, a hope based on an inheritance which is being guarded by God that it may be given to those who have believed (1 Peter 1.3-5).  This eternal life is a result of our faith (John 3.16) and is an eternity to be spent in the presence of the God who saved us (Revelation 21.1-4).

” . . . which God, who never lies, . . . ” (1.2)

God is an honest God.  Not deceitful, not coniving as the capricious gods of Greek mythology.  We may trust what God says as truth and what he promises as a sure promise.  None shall find in the end that they did what God commanded and yet he was unfaithful.  God’s Word is truth and we can never go wrong by trusting in his revealed word to us.

” . . . promised before the ages began . . . ” (1.2)

It was God’s plan all along to bring us into eternity with him.  Some say that the Bible is a story of going between two trees: the tree of life in the Garden of Genesis 2 and the tree of life in the Holy City of Revelation 22.  Both of these trees represent God’s unwavering commitment to glorify his people for all time at his side, eternally dwelling in their presence and sharing his divine glory with them.

In this we also see a reiteration of the fact that God chose his people, the elect, before the foundation of the earth (Ephesians 1.4), which is God’s declaration that this was the plan all along and not some second-chance to fix an earlier mistake.  God’s purposes will not be frustrated.