The Laodicean Project- A Quote by Spurgeon on the Famine

Recently I did a post on how the lack of true biblical preaching and teaching has led to a spiritual famine in our traditionally Christian societies. With this post I would just like to leave a short quote by Charles Spurgeon, known affectionately as the “Prince of Preachers,” concerning the misuse of the Bible by ministers in the pulpit. What’s interesting is that, if this were prevalent enough in Spurgeon’s day (circa 1860) to merit comment, think how much truer it must be today. So, from his book Lectures to My Students here is Spurgeon on the famine in the pulpit: (emphasis added)

We must insist upon it, that there must be abundance of matter in sermons, and next, that this matter must be congruous to the text. The discourse should spring out of the text as a rule, and the more evidently it does so the better; . . . Some brethren have done with their text as soon as they have read it. Having paid all due honour to that particular passage by announcing it, they feel no necessity further to refer to it. They touch their hats, as it were, to that part of Scripture, and pass on to fresh fields and pastures new. Why do such men take a text at all? Why limit their own glorious liberty?

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