Salvation or Whiskey?- An “Electric” Quote by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading and listening to a preacher from mid-20th century London named Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Dr. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones was the minister of Westminster Chapel in London, England from 1939 until 1968. His original career was as a medical doctor, but six years into his profession Dr. Lloyd-Jones left it behind to go into the full-time preaching ministry. This appears to have been the right decision, a choice which affected many a future preacher on its own:

When J. I. Packer was a 22-year-old student he heard Lloyd-Jones preach each Sunday evening during the school year of 1948-1949. He said that he had “never heard such preaching.” It came to him “with the force of electric shock, bringing to at least one of his listeners more of a sense of God than any other man” he had known.

Therefore, in hopes that an interest in Dr. Lloyd-Jones may inspire more people, even 27 years after his death, I thought I would include a quote from him that I feel accurately conveys the character of this amazing preacher:

“So the first effect of Christianity is to make people stop and think. They are not simply overawed by some great occasion. They say, ‘No, I must face this. I must think.’…the greatest trouble is that men and women go through life without thinking. Or they think for a moment but find it painful, so they stop and turn to a bottle of whiskey or television or something else—anything to forget.” (D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Authentic Christianity)

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